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Since switching over to my shiny new iPhone 6, I did a major reassessment of my app collection, and got rid of the ones I really don’t need or use. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite ones that made the cut.

A Beautiful Mess: ABM (how it appears in the App Store) is a great app for editing pictures. It allows you to add doodles, phrases, borders, or your own texts, and lets you personalize the font and colors. This is by far one of my favorite apps.


Authentic Weather: I usually use The Weather Channel app for all my weather needs but after getting stuck in the rain after it lied to me several times (literally, it said sunny skies while I stood under a huge rain cloud), I decided to look for a backup weather app. Authentic Weather not only gives me the forecast, it also does it with a certain style and makes me laugh. Needless to say, David, who is not a fan of my potty mouth is also not a fan of this app. I on the other hand feel like this app is my long-lost soul mate. The only drawback is it had no doppler radar, so I am still forced to use the lying TWC app for my radar needs.


Just Unfollow: At first I was really on the fence about getting the app. I’m generally belong to the school of thought that when it comes to things like friends talking behind your back (this doesn’t really happen now that I am an adult) and people unfollowing me, I would rather not know. Ignorance is bliss. But then I began to think that if someone unfollowed me, I don’t want them taking up space on my feeds, so I took the plunge and downloaded it. I have to say, seeing people who unfollow me doesn’t hurt my feelings like I thought it would. Not everyone is going to like me, and that is ok. Besides, it’s Twitter and Instagram. It’s not the end of the world. I do find this app useful though so that I don’t waste time on people who don’t waste time on me. Fair is fair. It is even more important because it lets me see who is following me, but that I am not following back, so I can easily find those people and start following them.


Starbucks: This one should not need any explanation. I can reload my card from my phone and check to see how many stars until a free drink. The end.


FitBit: I am addicted to checking this app. It allows me to see my daily steps in real-time, and every time I walk any sort of real distance, I feel the urge to see how many steps I got. Plus it lets me see how I compare to my other FitBit friends in terms of steps and cheer or taunt them. I usually taunt them.


Listastic: This app is the most helpful one I have for blogging. I generally use my Erin Condren Planner to write down blog post ideas and my To Do lists, but sometimes my planner isn’t always handy, while my phone is almost always within reach (sad I know). I can just open up this app, write down the idea that just popped into my head, usually in the middle of the night, and add it to my ever growing list in my planner when I have time. It also syncs with all my apple devices.


I Heart Radio: When I moved here from LA I was really sad that I would have to give up my morning radio show. I listened to it religiously when I lived in LA, and was ecstatic to find it on I Heart Radio. Now I can listen to it on my way to work, as if I never even moved. Plus there are tons of other great stations you can listen to on I Heart Radio. It is very similar to Pandora in that way, but with the added bonus of live radio stations from all over the country.


WordPress: This one should be obvious too. While I don’t think I could write an entire post from my phone, this app lets me control when posts get published, delete posts, or make edits if need be, and also check my stats to see if a post was a hit or a total flop.


What are some of your favorite apps?

Vitality VoxBox Review

I was lucky enough to receive the Vitality VoxBox from Influenster last month. I have been a complete slacker, but I am finally posting my review of all the products! I would like to note that I received all these products for free to sample and then share my thoughts.

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream: I have to say, this may have been the most useful item that I got in the VoxBox. I am notorious for burning myself in the SAME place when grabbing things out of the oven. You think I would learn, but no. My forearm is covered in the scars of past burns. The day I got the VoxBox in the mail, I actually had happened to burn myself and was so happy to see the First Degree burn cream when I opened the box. I immediately applied it to my fresh burn and the burn instantly felt better. It also did not scar like my other burns, but in fairness, I didn’t put any cream on those.


Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: This is the one product that I have been dreading to review. I mean really what is there to say about tampons besides the fact that they work? To go anymore into depth makes me uncomfortable, and I doubt you want to read any more details. So these work and left me worry free about any accidents, which obviously is the most important thing a tampon can do. I do have to note, I am not crazy about scented tampons – I feel like they increase the chance of irritation, and I would have preferred a scent free option.


Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum: I need to first disclose I am a Rodan + Fields consultant, so this product created a conflict of interest for me. However, I assure you, I used it with an open mind (who would say no to a great skin care product) and this review is genuine based on my personal experience, independent of any tie to Rodan + Fields. I was very curious about the product and excited to try it since it claims to even out skin tone, keep skin moisturized, and help fight the beginning of wrinkles. Well I was less than impressed with this product. It went on so greasy, even when I applied a tiny amount. It make my skin feel slimy, no matter how much I rubbed it in. Once it dried, the greasiness turned to stickiness that lasted for a few hours. I hated the way it made my skin feel and stopped using it before I could have seen any real results.


Pure Leaf Iced Tea: I got an unsweetened version of this tea, and although I usually prefer sweetened tea, the unsweetened tea was delicious. I have had a hard time finding a bottled iced tea that has the perfect balance of flavor. Often so many brands are far to strong for me, but this one was delicious. I plan on purchasing the sweet tea instead of having to make my own!


Softlips Cube: I am a huge connoisseur of lip balms. I love them. So I was excited to get to try out the Softlips Cube. Not only is it adorable, it is compact and perfect to carry around in my purse. I was actually shocked at how smoothly it went on when I first tried it. Some lip balms can be so sticky, but the Softlips cube is smooth and easy to apply. It also made my lips tingle in a good way, left them moisturized, and tasted good!


Bikini Ready Energy Gummies: I was very uneasy about trying these energy gummies. I am of the belief that these metabolism boosters aren’t too healthy for you, and I am also really skeptical about how well they actually work to help you lose weight. However, in the spirit of Influenster and trying new things for free, I gave these gummies a fair try. They didn’t taste too bad, and definitely gave me an energy boost at work when I took them. I however did not continue to take them do to my health concerns about long term use, so I cannot speak to their effectiveness in helping you get bikini ready.


I Am So Proud Of David & A $100 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway

On Saturday David rode in a 100 mile charity bike ride. Crazy right? I mean who would WANT to do 100 miles on a bike in one day? David apparently.

He did a 140 mile ride two years ago, so you may think 100 is no big deal. However, David was in a really bad bike crash that landed him in the hospital just after that 140 bike ride, and it has taken him two years to work up to the 100 mile distance. He has trained tirelessly for the past year and however many months I have known him. so seeing him reach this goal was amazing. Add the fact that all of last week he was sick with a virus that sent him to urgent care on Thursday when he couldn’t stop coughing up gross fluids and the fact he pulled off the bike ride two days later is even more impressive. I told him he shouldn’t do the ride since he was still pretty sick, and that if he was determined to do it, he should shorten the distance and do the 60 mile route instead of the 100 mile route. But David is the kind of guy who sets a goal for himself, and nothing will stop him from achieving it. I am the opposite, I set goals, then ignore them when I feel like laying on the couch or sleeping in instead. His self-discipline always amazes me.

This ride was so important to him because it was a way to prove to himself that he is back to where he was before the crash that set him back so far. It was his way of fighting the injuries and fear, and he won. Seeing him cross that finish line gave me a flood of emotions, knowing what a personal victory it was for him. He did it and I am so proud of him (even if it was idiotic to ride 100 miles when you were laid up sick just two days earlier).


Needless to say, after the ride, and all day yesterday he didn’t feel so well. Sore muscles aside, it seems the virus has reared its ugly head with a vengeance. We grabbed some Jenni’s ice cream yesterday to make his sore throat feel better and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching football. It was a perfect Sunday.

Fall is in the air and I couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate, I got together with some talented ladies to giveaway $100 to J.Crew, because really, who does Fall better than J.Crew? SO if you could use some new items to spruce up your Fall wardrobe, be sure to enter below!

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