Why We Blog

Why do you blog? To be internet famous? For the community? For validation? To make money? Simply because you enjoy writing and need an informal outlet?

I’ve seen a lot of talk about blogging lately that made me reflect on why I do it.  A lot of the talk centered around being internet famous in reference to all the big name blogs, and it had me thinking: is that what I want?

I can say definitely say no, that is not what I want. I know for a fact the reason I, and many other bloggers blog is for the community. To know we aren’t alone. To know other people can relate to our story or feel the same way about a topic as we do.  I don’t only post about the great aspects of my life, I also post about the really shitty parts, and I have to say, those posts not only left me feeling empowered, but the responses they received made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It is so encouraging to know that others face the same struggles I do, and that they got through them, so I can too. The support I have received through this blog from all of you is why I blog.

I’ve also seen a lot of reference to the fact that blogging is a narcissistic pursuit. I have to say I somewhat agree. I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying this, I am only speaking for myself here, not every blogger. I write about myself and my life on this blog, hoping others think it is great, and that my writing is clever, funny, well done, insert whatever adjective you like. If writing only about myself or my life on this blog isn’t narcissistic, I don’t know what is. It also makes me sound extremely insecure and in need of validation. While I don’t really think of myself as insecure, I can’t argue with the view that blogging is narcissistic. I understand why many non-bloggers, and even bloggers might view it as such. However, all I can say is I don’t write for the validation or page views. I write because it feels good for me to write, and for the sense of community and support I have found in this amazing world of blogging. Everything else is secondary.

Lastly, I do not blog for the money, but I do not think badly of anyone that does. If you have people throwing money at you and your blog good for you! All power to you. I don’t think I want or would like the added pressure and responsibility that comes along with a monetized blog. I do offer sponsorships, but any small amount of money that I make from those goes straight to buying sponsorships to promote my site on other blogs. Basically any money I make goes back into my blog, and let me say, if I was trying to make a living off this site, I would be living in a cardboard box. It wouldn’t even cover my Starbucks addiction. And to be honest, I often go back and forth about whether I should offer sponsorships. They make me feel pressured to put up posts, even when I lack the inspiration do to so. This is my space to post whatever, whenever I want, and feeling like I HAVE to post takes away a lot of the joy from the process. On the other hand, sponsorships are a great way to find new blogs and forge new blog friendships, so I continue to offer them.

So I’m curious, why do you blog?

Pizza, Ice Cream & Skee Ball – Atlanta Adventures #7

I meant to write this post yesterday, but frankly, I didn’t feel like writing, and I have learned it is much better not to write if I am not feeling inspired to do so. When I force myself to write, the end product is always crap.

This past weekend my parents came to visit, mostly to meet Sophie. They live close enough that we can easily drive and see each other, which is part of why I chose to move to Atlanta after law school. They absolutely love Sophie, and I am pretty sure would have stolen her if I wasn’t so vigilant. After they got to play with her, we went out to dinner to Antico Pizza. If you love pizza, and you are in Atlanta, you have to go to Antico. David introduced me to it as the best pizza in Atlanta, and it did not disappoint. My parents loved it. I’ve been told they fly in their dough and cheese from Italy to make sure it is of the highest quality and authentic. It is delicious. The only draw back is the seating can be difficult to secure since it is seat yourself and the place is almost always crowded. Also they close when they run out of dough for the day, which on busy days can be fairly early.

photo 1

After pizza, my dad wanted ice cream so we headed over to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, since it was just down the street and I had heard amazing things. It was fantastic, and I am not even a big fan of ice cream. They had such interesting (and delicious) flavors, but also had the staple flavors for those that are less adventurous.  After we were sufficiently stuffed from pizza and ice cream, my parents wanted to walk around and see the area. The West Side has really been built up the last couple years, and they wanted to do some exploring. David had been wanting to go to Ormsby’s, and since it is basically right next door to Jeni’s I decided that would be our next stop.

Ormsby’s is one of my favorite bars in Atlanta. While it is close to Georgia Tech, the crowd there is usually a good mix, ranging in ages. It is a fun, laid back environment, with tons to keep you entertained. They have board games to play at your table, bacce ball courts, darts, pool, shuffle board, and most importantly skee-ball. Something about my family – we LOVE skee-ball. My mom taught me how to play from an early age all those times we went to Chucke Cheese and not gonna lie, my mom is really good. When my dad saw the skee-ball I thought he  started to freak out. There was a couple already playing, but when they saw my dad’s excitement, they quickly asked him to join in, which was incredibly nice of them. We all laughed at my dad, and then decided to have a tournament, guys vs girls. I am happy to report the girls won the “practice” round (my dad is a super competative and a sore loser so he said that round was warm up), the first round, and tied the second round. My dad didn’t want to leave and we basically had to force him to follow us. He literally wanted me to go home, walk Sophie, then come back later to pick him up so he could have more time to play skee-ball. I would not be surprised if the next time I go home, there is a skee-ball machine in my parent’s garage. Also, when we walked past Jeni’s on the way to the car, the line to buy ice cream was out the door and around the corner. There must have been at least 30 people in line. We were speechless. I was so glad we had got our ice cream before it got crazy.


Look how excited he is!

The rest of the weekend my parents and I just went out to eat (a lot), ran errands, and spent quality time together. Even better, my mom made and left me some home cooked meals and when I was feeling sick on Sunday night, she took care of me. Parents are the best. I love their visits.

Sponsor Spotlight: Brittany from Everyday Thoughts

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Today I am so excited to introduce you to Brittany from Everyday Thoughts. Not only has Brittany become a friend of mine since I started blogging, she also became a real life friend at our Atlanta blogger meetup.  She has been incredibly supportive of me and my blog over the last year and I couldn’t be more thankful to have found her and her blog. Be sure to visit her wonderful lifestyle blog and check out her posts on Jumbo Chicken and Onion EnchiladasA Wedding Speech, and Should we be Raising Losers.
What made you start blogging?
I started blogging shortly after I got engaged. I lived far from most of my friends and family and I wanted to give them the opportunity to follow along on my journey. After the wedding I took a long hiatus until I had my son prematurely and I needed the support and prayers of family and friends – even if I didn’t have the time to reach out to each one individually. To me blogging has been all about building up a community of encouragement and support.
What quote or motto do you try to live by?
“Yes be bold and strong. Banish fear and doubt, for remember the Lord, Your God is with you wherever you may go.” Joshua 1:9. My mom wrote this out and posted it on my closet door in high school. I committed it to memory and it’s my go-to inspiration in times of struggle.
What is your idea of relaxing?
Blogging, reality TV, a hot bath, a cup of coffee, Frank Sinatra, baking, holding my son while he sleeps – any combination of these things make me happy and can completely relax me.
If you could drop everything tomorrow and do anything, what would it be? 
I would take my family to Disney World. I can’t wait to take my little guy and my husband has never been. I want to wait until my son is a bit older but I think it will be the trip of a lifetime.
What is your most embarrassing moment?
I was working at my first real job and I was presenting on some new ideas for the upcoming year. It was a huge meeting that required all the attendees to travel and I had been working on the meeting arrangements for weeks. The night before the presentation I found out I would be presenting a certain portion that I wasn’t familiar with and from there it was all downhill. I stood up and presented with confidence in the beginning and then I completely lost track. I didn’t remember the next section’s content let alone the words. So I just stopped talking. Literally went mute in front of everyone. I just stopped talking and sat down and handed the clicker to my boss. There was a very long awkward silence but luckily my boss was a seasoned pro and picked up right where I left off but I was mortified. I had just blown a huge opportunity. It was such a rookie mistake and to this day I handle presentations differently because of my little stunt.